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Our Services

Accounting Services

Specialized accounting and financial services.

Tax Services

Accounting standards, customization and business support.

HR Services

Full coverage of insurance and labor law.


  • Business Planning.
  • Future Results Forecasts.
  • Company Value Assessment.
  • Business Progress Report and Presentation.
  • Accounting Organizing.
  • Accounting Supervision.
  • Chart Accounts Customization.
  • Quarterly Financial Report.
  • Corporate Financial Statements.
  • Financial Flows Statements.
  • Consolidated Financial Statements.
  • Budgeting.
  • Computer Systems Support by specialized cooperators.
  • Business Valuation – Acquisition Support.


  • Tax Support.
  • Specialized Tax Planning according to subject.
  • Compliance Control on current tax legislation.
  • Preventive Tax Audits for possible omissions.
  • Business Founding – Business Change – Business Closure.
  • Corporate Conversion– Merging and Acquisition.
  • Tax Audit Support.
  • Business Tax Statements.


  • Integrated Solutions On Payroll Calculation.
  • Documented Control on the proper operation of the Labor Department.
  • Detailed Periodic Statement preparation and on-line submission.
  • Automated payroll – wages – overtimes – nightly fee calculation.
  • Printing capabilities according to the company.
  • Online Transmission of statements.
  • Filtering Design on Payroll Information.
  • Individual Staff Contracts.
  • Foreigner Employment.
  • Capability of outsource ΗR undertaking.
  • Full Support on Labor Legislation


Hotels, Travel Agencies

Our experience with tourism has begun since May 1994. Our executives have supported and continue to support a range of businesses such as travel agencies, hotels, airline branches.

Real estate management companies

Real estate management companies has been a field on which our company has displayed focused interest since 2004 and, in many cases, provided accounting and tax consulting on Sale & Lease Back cases

Construction, Technical Companies

Construction and Technical Enterprises is the industry that our company has been working on-methodically- since 1998. After the application of VAT on real estate,starting the fiscal year of 2006, our company has specialized in the accounting and tax consultancy for the construction and operation of professional real estate, through the companies that have entrusted us.

Urban and Non-Profit Societies, Institutions

Our company, starting in 2000 with the support of Urban Non-profit Organizations and Non Profit Societies, managed to capitalize on the knowledge of these entities, supporting a number of them. Our policy and philosophy is that because each donation is sacred, it is both necessary to update the books in a double-sided system,as well as present a comprehensive report to the members of each association at the end of every year.

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