Business Planning.

Future Results Forecasts.

Company Value Assessment.

Business Progress Reportand Presentation.

Accounting Organizing.

Accounting Supervision.

Chart Accounts Customization.

Quarterly Financial Report.

Corporate Financial Statements.

Financial Flows Statements.

Consolidated Financial Statements.


Computer Systems Supportby specialized cooperators.

Business Valuation – Acquisition Support.


Tax Support.

Specialized Tax Planning according to subject.

Compliance Control oncurrent tax legislation.

Preventive Tax Audits for possible omissions.

Business Founding – Business Change – Business Closure.

Corporate Conversion– Merging and Acquisition.

Tax Audit Support.

Business Tax Statements.


Integrated Solutions On Payroll Calculation.

Documented Controlon the proper operation ofthe Labor Department.

Detailed Periodic Statement preparation and on-line submission.

Automated payroll – wages – overtimes – nightly fee calculation.

Printing capabilities according to the company.

Online Transmission of statements.

Filtering Design on Payroll Information.

Individual Staff Contracts.

Foreigner Employment.

Capability of outsource ΗR undertaking.

Full Support on Labor Legislation.